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Plantation Shutters For You in Fort Myers, Naples, & Surrounding Areas

Plantation shutters are one of the most sought-after window coverings for homes today. They are stylish and sleek, and provide that warmth that most homeowners only dream of. Plantation shutters are the perfect solution for any home. If there is a style of Plantation Shutter you are looking for in any part of Florida, then more than likely we have it! We have everything from the traditional styles you would expect to elegant and contemporary. Needless to say, we carry shutters for every home including yours.
Why should you choose interior plantation shutters from ShutterUp for your Florida home?

This makes your choice easy! Let’s enhance the elegance of your home using custom plantation shutters from ShutterUp.

Plantation Shutters

Residential Plantation shutters are packed with so many benefits that just go above and beyond their inviting looks. Shutters are the perfect addition to bring superior light control and protect your privacy. They are flexible enough to be used in any room, giving you the ultimate power to customize your home’s décor with ease! We are certain you will love how much better a shutter is over traditional blinds or shades when it comes to controlling the light and style of your home.

Shutters Gallery

Poly Shutters in Florida

We have spent years perfecting our product and we know you’ll love the results.

Shutters come in many shapes, sizes, and quality. For instance, poly shutters have a few distinct advantages over traditional wood shutters.

Our Alumacore poly shutters have that wood look you crave but are engineered to last a lifetime. Not every poly shutter is built the same way either. Our Alumacore is a solid poly shutter reinforced with aluminum in the stiles and louvers to add strength and durability. This reinforced shutter allows us to make wider 36-inch panels for maximum views. This is a massive advantage over our competitors’ products that would impact your view by forcing you to use two less sturdy panels. We certainly wouldn’t want to limit the visibility to your wonderful view.

Our painted finish is a one-of-a-kind furniture-grade baked-on finish. What exactly is a baked-on finish? All of our parts are pre-painted and sent into an oven moments after paint to create a durable quality finish guaranteed to never chip, fade or yellow. One advantage to pre-painting our parts would be the fact that every part actually has paint. Unlike other shutters that are assembled and then painted. Painting ahead of time allows us to ensure there are no runs or drips in the paint. Shutters that are assembled and then painted typically have issues that stand out on the finished product. No need to worry about that with us.

A key benefit of our Alumacore shutters is the energy efficiency they bring to your home. We even have the science to back it up. An R-value is a rating given to everything in your home that separates the inside from the outside. This means everything from the walls to your window coverings has an R-value. The R-value tells you how effective it is at blocking thermal energy from passing through it. The higher the R-value the more effective the item is as an insulator.

Alumacore shutters insulate 3 times better than wood for an R-score of 6.0 where as wood shutters have an R score of only 2.0. Insulation is important because that’s what helps you keep your home the temperature that you want. It keeps heat out during the summer and keeps heat in during the winter. This ultimately helps you have an overall more energy efficient home.

Lastly, our shutters are completely water resistant! Why would a waterproof shutter be so important? We don’t need to tell you about Florida’s extreme humidity. Since our shutters are completely water resistant, they are the perfect window treatment for any Florida environment. We have seen and replaced quite a bit of other products that failed in Florida due to moisture issues. We have also seen windows leak over time due to chalk failure or breakage (without the homeowner knowing) which can wreak havoc on your window areas. And being water resistant also makes our shutters perfect for anywhere in your home, bathrooms and garages included.

Wood Shutters

Sometimes you just want the real deal and that’s exactly why you want authentic wood shutters. If you are looking for gorgeous custom wood plantation shutters, then you have come to the right place!

We sell only the best quality wooden plantation shutters available in the market today. Quality is always our top priority for our customers and that’s why we carry only the best. Wood interior plantation shutters have many benefits for your windows including looking amazing. We can even help you with that custom color or stained shutter look.

​Perhaps you have custom casing around your windows and need a custom paint match. We can do almost any shape or size completely custom to perfectly fit your window. We love working with you to carefully select each option that’s just right for your home.

Solutions for Doors

Plantation shutters aren’t just for windows. Some of the best solutions for sliding glass doors or even french doors include a shutter from ShutterUp. We get approached all the time by homeowners asking us what’s the best solution for their sliding glass door?
There are several solutions for each door which we recommend custom based on your specific home and design.
For sliding glass doors we recommend 3 products: Plantation shutters, roller shades or Vert glides.
Yes, plantation shutters can be installed on sliding glass doors! By using an overhead track system, shutters can be installed on most sliding glass doors. The shutter panels are able to bypass each other by operating on independent tracks mounted on a single board. Bypass plantation shutters have become very popular by many of our customers.
Give us a call or stop on by today to get a customer solution that works for your home.
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